Friday, September 11, 2015

How to recover hidden files from USB using a single command

Recovering hidden file from USB flash drive is an easy job for a computer professional but on the other hand, it is quite complex for those who are using the computer for their office and at workplaces or at home.
Many of my friends call me to recover data that is hidden for an unknown reason. Many of them saying that someone in their official request to use their personal computer or they use their USB to transfer the data. After this, the data with the USB is not visible.
There are some steps by applying you can recover your data with simple steps. I also explain with the help of screenshots.
Step 1.
Go to the command prompt by typing CMD. If using windows8 or windows 7, just click the windows key from the keyboard. Type cmd this will look like the following.


Step 2.
Click on the command prompt this will provide a new screen as above.
Step 3.
Select the drive you want to recover the hidden data from, mostly when you insert the USB into the computer it normally shows a drive alphabet in my computer i.e D, E , F, G|
Suppose if your drive is F: type f: on the command prompt

Apply the bellow command to recover the data
Step 4.
Attrib –R –A –S –H /S /D  and press enter
After waiting 2 to 3 minutes the hidden data of the USB is recover.
Go to my computer and check your USB for hidden data.  You can also set the command in a reverse way if you will use the same command with Attrib +R +A +S +H /S /D  and press enter
The above will hide the data from the USB
Attrib is DOS command to hide the folders and files and it works for un-hiding the date as well.
Many other bloggers have also explained, mostly have asked to purchase software for the purpose. I have shared all this tip to help those who face trouble to recover their data from USB. Please also comment if this helps so, I will know either the article helps or need to improve further.