Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Creating Profile on Freelancing Sites to Earn Online

Many sites offering freelance jobs, even you type a keyword online data entry jobs in or any other search engine like,,   you will find thousands of sites offering these jobs. The question is all these sites are really offering the job or some of them are fake?

The answer is if yes| most sites are only collecting some amount in the name of registering the users and providing them with regular works with a decent income monthly.  Even they provide bogus payment proofs to attract the new user. Avoid these sites and don’t lose your money.

Before creating the profile with these sites also search the reviews for sites, their payments, you will get their positive and negative reviews.   Especially when you search low-level jobs such as data entry you have to careful while paying the registration or sign up charges.

The first step is to choose the proper site to create the profile. One of my friends was asking that he has created a profile on different websites, but the issues again he is not getting jobs. Here are some tips to quick start earning through freelance sites.

Make your profile properly.

Just signing up to online job sites is not enough for quick earning, you need to put you proper information. Create an attractive title, mention your education, skills, your previous projects if any, your email, skype and others contacts.


Some newly registering users try to define themselves that they need money and making their personal overview very difficult to understand. Like I had to go through one of my friend's profile as he has written that he has less income and wants to boost his income through online earning. This is wrong as I would guide him correct his overview as he is the right person for the jobs.

Initially, concentrate on one or two sites.

Making a profile with every site is easy, but you cannot pay attention to each site to check the newly added jobs if you have signups more than two or three sites. Initially try to avoid making your presence with more sites. By this, you will get enough time to concentrate.

Try to take some test projects.

Initially try to convince the client to provide some test projects, this will build confidence and provide chances to prove your skills. I have also shared some tips for freelance beginners in my previous article Freelancing jobs for beginners.

Hopefully, the above steps will definitely help new freelancers to start their earning. Keep in touch with for more content for freelancing and blogging tips.