Wednesday, September 10, 2014

How Google Search works to display your search results?

Google is the most used search engine and its users and popularity is increasing day by day. Google's share of the search market is growing, comparatively other search engines. Each month Google is used by more and more people in the world and many are jumping from other search engines like Yahoo! and to start using Google. People who already use Google start using it more frequently too. Google make its users almost addictive of its use.

Search engines themselves are changing. They are being used for more and more things. Website owners and bloggers find they are using Google to search their own properties as it is so effective.  Google handles more than three billion searches per day. People are using Google as a spellchecker, as a calculator, as a unit converter and even as the translator. People search Google for the latest news. Google is the jumping point for web destinations but also as a knife for non-web actions. Google regards quality content and also changing its searching algorithms by time to time. According to Eric Schmidt Google chief “We built Google for users not for websites.”

When we search a keyword on Google it displays the best possible search results, actually we are searching over the web. Google through is spider software search the pages on Google’s index of the web. The question is how Google knows about your site, the content on the site and how it reaches your site. How does Google update the search results?

Spiders fetch few pages and follow the pages they link too; in this way there are thousands or millions of pages on different machines. Google has to decide which few pages we want and how to display the search results.  Google considers the following item to display our search results.
1.       How many times the page contains the keywords, does the search appears in the title of the page and URL.
2.       Google also determines that the search result page is from a quality website or not, even Google also check the page for spamming.
3.       Google is also considering Page rank to display the search results. If a high page rank site will display at the top of the search and so on. Page rank is determined that a page has how many outside links.

4.       Finally, Google scores all the above factors and display the search results.
It makes sense then to try and engage with people on Google since that's where they start so many of their digital actions. It’s a trusted place for them. You can react to someone’s searches by making sure your website ranks well in search results (SEO) but since you cannot rank well for every single search result, you can reach these people by advertising next to search results with relevant ads adwords.

Google also regards for their advertisers. Sometimes we see search result at the top and at the right or at the bottom from advertisers. The results at the top and at right are highlighted and they are not regular searches.

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