Friday, July 27, 2018

How to write SEO articles: tips for writers

Article writing is a well-known SEO technique to increase the rank of a website. In this article, I have explained some steps and consideration to make the article useful to the website for building traffic.  Article writing for Search engine optimization (SEO) requires high writing skill, specific to the topic, so users can easily understand what you want to communicate.
Following are some quick steps for article writers or beginners who want to start their career as SEO article writers.

-          The article should have good content
-          Use of keyword phrases in the article
-          The body of the article
-          Check for spell and grammar
            Use references

An article having unique content:

Always remember that content is the king, if you have good content it will attract more and more visitors to your site. Keep in mind to make the article informative and useful to the users. The information you provide in the article should be correct and realistic. In starting of the article write some interesting sentences, so the users should not bounce from your site, in this way the visitor will spend more time by searching for other materials on the site.

Use of keyword phrases in the article:

The main objective of writing article to bring the site more visible to search engines, for this purpose use your keywords in a proper way. If you can start the article with your keyword it is much better or you can use your keywords in the first sentence is considered to be a good practice.
Some SEO professionals recommend using keywords for 1 to 3% and some professionals suggest using keywords up to 5% in the article. Search engine picks these keywords for your meta-tags and well as for the content of your site automatically.
I personally try to use keywords for five to seven percent in every article I write.

The body of the article:

The trend has been changed and visitors try to gather their required information in shorter time, visitors prefer to pick certain points from an article and for the same information they not only browse your site, they visit more sites for desire information they want. 
The body of the article, in my opinion, should consist of 1000 to 1500 words enough for the reader to read and scan his required points.

 Check for Spell and Grammar:

The content you have written in your article should be grammatically correct and error free. After you write your article spend some time to re-check it for spelling and grammatical mistakes several times or try to get help from one of your colleague to read it for to find out spelling mistakes or sentence arrangement mistakes. No matter, how much research you have for your article, if it has spelling errors it will not deliver a clear sense to the reader and the most important spelling errors can affect the effectiveness of the keywords you wanted to use.


Now you can write SEO articles by following the above tips for writers. Writing articles considering the techniques of SEO will lead your site toward success by increasing your visitors. Your article will be unique if you follow the SEO writing techniques because when you provide good content in an article the reader will retain on your site. Use keywords after searching on Google as Google tells you the keywords mostly searched by people. The body of your article should be based on facts and figures. The error-free and grammatically correct article will make the reader satisfy and they will appreciate it.