Thursday, November 27, 2014

How to promote a business using facebook fan page

     How to promote your business through Facebook is an easy job in the digital world. Once people were investing a large amount for building websites as well as on marketing of the website to sales their products, now facebook and other social media sites make this easy to do business online. 
Facebook is not only a social media site where you can start your business, there are many other sites like google plus, twitter and many more. Currently, Facebook is one of the most popular social media sites where you can build your customers with less effort and another advantage of Facebook is easy to use for everyone.    
     I do not prefer just to start a business; rather I do prefer to spread it in every possible corner of the world with your full efforts. You can promote a business using different sources. The best one is through social sites, like Facebook. No doubt! Billions of people are using Facebook in their spare time, nowadays. Apart from chatting with your friends and updating statuses, Facebook is used as the business promoter, as well. The question “ how it is possible?” may be popping up in your mind. But it is defiantly possible. You just need to create a facebook fan page. I do believe you are curious to know how to create a facebook fan page and how it helps in promoting your business. Be patient, you will get to know soon.

     There are some easy steps to create a facebook page for business those are as under in steps.

1.       Sign up your facebook
2.       Create a page for business
3.       Place your business name and  logo
4.       Invite the friend on your page
5.       Encourage likes to your page

Signup your facebook.

     Facebook is allowing new users to signups for free to everyone. You can sign up with your existing email address to facebook. It only requires your first name, last name, email address

 Create a facebook page for business   

     To create a facebook fan page you have to go through several steps, which are as follow;
First, you have to choose a suitable category for your business page. Facebook is offering six different categories which are;

a)      local business or place your
b)      company, organization or institution
c)       artist, band or public figure
d)      entertainment
e)      cause or community
f)       brand or product

 Place your business name and  logo

     After selecting a category, you have to choose a name that is relevant to your business and also place your logo for the business. Then tell a bit about your business by filling in the about section. Right here, you can add a small and concise description which reflect your business.
Lastly, upload a profile picture and a cover photo. Be sure to upload a good profile picture, as it is the first impression on your customers.
Well, you have successfully created a good fan page for your business. Wait! You have not done yet, you have to work more.

Promote your business


Ok! You have done with the creation process, now it’s time to tell the world about your business via this Facebook fan page. You can invite your friends to like your page, in that way your friends will be informed about your business and the coming products. You can use this fan page to launch your new items: post a photo of a new product with a short description and just wait and watch how it attracts more customers.
       Moreover, let the customers know about an event through this fan page, for example, an opening ceremony of a new branch. In addition to this, excites your customers by offering sales on the different product via this fan page.

     Well, if you want to excel your business, set the share and like icons (see at bottom of the post) in the page, so that anybody who got inspired about your product, will share on his/her timeline, hence it will really help to broaden your business.  You can also post videos, links, and adds on this page to attract more customers. 

     In a nutshell, as this page is a source to connect with your customers hence, manage your page content from time to time to grab the attention of your page fans.

     You can also apply other marketing methods to .boost your page in search engines. There are many other ways to make the page visible to search engines i.e you can bookmark your page to many other bookmarking sites. This will also help to generate traffic to your page and when your page becomes popular it will automatically attract users and as well as business. 

     Finally, let me know regarding the content of the website, either is helpful or not or need to improve. Your positive or negative comments will help me to improve my site and will also encourage me to write more articles. If the content is useful, please do a like.