Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Highest internet 3G / 4G prices in Gilgit-Baltistan

Now a days we the GB People are connected with the rest of the world with internet with the only one service provider SCO. Since 1976 SCO is providing telecom services to GB and AJK area on need bases.
The future of GB youth is attach with internet facility to get online earning opportunities as there is no any other industry to get jobs quickly. We have the better literacy rate as compare to other areas of the country.  Many other tourism-related businesses are also dependent to internet service in the area.
SCO is recently providing 4G free internet in GB with a limit of 30Mbps / day. With 30Mbps internet we can even cannot check our daily emails this 30mbs automatically utilized by the cell phone to update software. Rather providing 30Mbps free useless SCO should provide other options not free of cost but normal charges as other telecom providers are providing in the country.
Secondly, they have another product named supper card with the limited of 1600mbs equal to 1.6GB for Rs.500 with talk time and free minutes.  This 1600Mbs for a person who is using YouTube and other video downloading sites hardly serves for even one day. Someone has shared on Facebook with this packages he can use internet for three hours. Minor differences are always there with different companies and their packaging but, this is the totally unique package offered by the provider in the area.
We are not demanding free internet in the area, anything free makes the people baggers but SCO should provide internet as on normal charges as other companies are providing. Zong is offering 4GB data at Rs.160 and Telenor is offering 4GB for Rs.90 while with SCO supper card offers only 1600Mbps to its users. You can also check the price at given link and ask your marketing department to review. Similarly
Ufone almost the same.

Unlike SCO the other telecom companies have different products to its customers some products are weekly bases and some or on monthly.
This is totally useless to those users who are taking help for their online studies and the same for those who are doing online jobs.

As there is worst DSL service in the area provided by SCO. Someone applying DSL connection has to wait for six months or more as there is the unavailability of ports at their exchanges.
It is also the responsibility of the GB Government to provide internet Service and other telecom services in the area if it is not feasible to SCO with normal cost. GB govt. should facilitate and provide funds to other telecom companies for smooth running internet in the area rather providing funds to link road and other areas. Now a day’s internet is the necessity of every individual for his business, studies and other life activities.

To conclude it is our warm request to the SCO top-level management to improve their services and facilitate their customers on a nominal charge. It is also the responsibilities of GB Government to support the SCO and other telecom industries financially as well as at policy level and to allow other telecom industries too to invest in GB.