Thursday, November 22, 2018

Reasons to start freelancing even you have a regular job

Many of us thinking that why to start freelancing If we have a regular job. Regular job means you have a certain income by the end of the week or at the end of the month.

The question is if you have a regular job then why to search for jobs with freelancing sites, searching clients, send them proposals.  Searching for a new job and so on.

Some are saying if you have a regular job and willing to start freelancing means that you are killing you relax time and are taking some extra responsibility.

With the regular job, you have fixed hours to work and you can give time to your family and friends.

Following are the advantages of freelancing if you are doing freelancing with a regular job.

You earn some extra money.

You can earn some extra money while working on your own hours. Freelancing does not bound to do a task in particular hours. Their flexibility for working hours so you can spear some hour after office and extra time can be converted to income.

Easy to start.

Freelancing is easy to start just by just creating your profile with freelancing site and adding your certain skills to your profile can give you a starting point for budding the projects.

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It keeps you updated with the market

Freelancing has another advantage that it keeps you update according to the current market needs. While with the regular job you have to do certain tasks with your office and there are fewer chances to improve your knowledge according to the market need.

Learning opportunities

With freelancing, you are not doing a regular job and the nature of the jobs change time to time with different clients.  With doing different nature of jobs you have to learn different jobs and for some different nature of works, you have to study for some time to learn the job.
In this way, you improve your knowledge according to the job. This is again a good advantage of freelancing.

Working with your own hours.

With freelancing, you work with your own hours and no bound to work for certain hours. With regular job the employee has to work for almost 8 to 10 hours daily and has to work according to office hours.

While with freelancing you are not bound to work for fixed hours and you can work in your own working hours.

Freelance provide complete freedom for working hours. You can work 2 hours in the morning and work for 4 hours at noon.

Freelancers can work on multiple projects

Freelancers have the option to work on multiple projects. It not necessary to tell the client that I am working with another client. If a client is close and you feel necessary to tell the client that you are working with another client too.

The chance to get bigger projects with a good budget

There are many chances to achieve bigger projects and you do not need to search for further jobs. Some clients and companies outsource their jobs with good budgets and if you fulfill their requirement and get a good job than you don’t need to search for further jobs.

Some time you earn good amount from certain jobs and you don’t need to work for certain months.

Not bound to work at a certain location

Freelancer does not have the fixed office or certain locations to work. If you are sometimes traveling from one city to another city you can work from reaching another city. By connecting a 4G device form any location you can work and deliver your work done to your client.

Can open your own company online.

Many leading freelancing sites i.e, and mostly all other companies offer to open your own online companies with them, and with this, you can add other freelancers to your online company and there are a lot of opportunities to enhance your regular income through adding other freelancer and getting more jobs from freelancing sites.

Initially, you start working as an individual and after some time you start adding other workers and at a certain stage, you become boss of your own.


In my opinion, freelancing is good to start work and it gives you freedom chances to gain good budget projects and many other benefits as mention above.

On the other hand, it has some drawbacks like freelance does not cover all other benefits like life insurance, job security, Allowances, regular cash flow, and many others.
I would like to suggest to start freelance carrier with some good freelance marketplaces where I had also start freelance as part-time job those are and  If you are more interested with other freelancing sites you can visit  best-freelancing-site-2018-and-their.html  .

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